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9:15am Worship
Holy Communion-
1st & 3rd Sundays
Coffee & Fellowship

Sunday School
September through May

Office Hours
Closed Mondays
9:30am to Noon
Wed, Thurs, Fri.

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Identity Statement of Milltown Lutheran Church

The congregation of Milltown Lutheran Church of Milltown, Wisconsin is a family of people with diverse gifts and abilities given by God. Through the Word and Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, we are chosen by God to be servants and witnesses of our life in Jesus Christ. We are called by the Holy Spirit and empowered by God's forgiving and redeeming grace to be ministers of the Word in our daily lives, in our congregation, in our communities, and in all the world. We join hands with all Christians to celebrate the faith we share in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

A Brief History

Though records of organized Lutheran church activities date as far back as 1875, Milltown Lutheran Church was officially organized on May 9, 1913 as the "Scandinavian English Evangelical Lutheran Church", the first organized English Speaking congregation within the UELC synod.

The young congregation occupied a building built by the Little Butternut Danish Lutheran Church on a lot purchased from Herman Hermanson. This building was later replaced with a new church dedicated on October 28th, 1916. Unfortunately that Church burned to the ground on Christmas Day, two years later. It was rebuilt the following year.

Over the years this congregation has grown and changed with numerous remodels to the church itself, as well as an educational building dedicated in 1956, and a new parsonage built in 1968. On January 1, 1988 Milltown Lutheran became a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, as three former synods(ALC, LCA, and AELC)merged into one church body.


In its 94 year history, the church has enjoyed the service and counseling of 12 pastors. In August of 1991, Pastor Danny Wheeler was installed as pastor of Milltown Lutheran Church.



Recent changes include such things as the Children's Carnival and Service in the park during Fisherman's Party (est. 1992); Rotational Sunday School (est. 2003); the Annual Church Auction for fundraising (est. 2004); and presentations by the confirmation class including the Live Nativity (est. 2004) and the Passion Walk (est. 2006).

Church Council

Council Meetings
are the 3rd Wednesday
of each month

President: Jerry Livingston

Vice President: Carol Johnson

Secretary: Sylvia Kuske

Treasurer: Irene King

Church Secretary: Irene King

Council Members: Sarah Broome
Mark EngelhirdxtxAnnette Skog
Linda LofgienxxxxTom Shern
Jerry LiviniistoxnxDavid Grossman
Ron CarliionxxxxxDavid Bleauleau
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhJon Christiansen

Women's Representative: Carol Johnson

Youth Reprsentative: Emily Stelling

W/ELCA Milltown

WECLA Milltown Lutheran
Church Women Circles
meet the 2nd Wednesday
of each month

Co-President: Carol Johnson

Co-President: Joan Juleen

Church Staff

Office Hours

Closed Mondays


9:30am to Noon
Wed, Thurs, Fri.


on call 24 hours
Office 825-2453
Home 825-2454


Pastor: Danny Wheeler

Secretary: Irene King

Organist: Cheryl Peper, Joy Rubin

Custodian: Our Church Volunteers


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